SOLDES !! BIJOUX TENDANCE ETE 2019 Bracelets gourmettes argent multicolore ! découvre une collection de bracelets fins, sobres, originaux, uniques et personnalisé, des bijoux de créateurs !


Discover the new Demoiselles et Couleurs collection with this chic and sober 925 silver bracelet for women in rhodium-plated 925 silver from Sandrine Lemonne.

The trendy French jewellery designer opens her online designer jewellery shop to you with collections of fine, delicate jewellery, silver bracelets for women and children, put at your wrist size and made according to your taste and choice of colours. Women's bracelet in blue 925 silver, women's bracelet in pink 925 silver, women's bracelet in purple 925 silver, women's bracelet in fuchsia silver, custom-made bracelet adapted to your wrist size and colorless color, or women's silver bracelet in green color.

The silver bracelet collection of jewellery designer Sandrine Lemonne invites us through this colour collection to a firework display of fine silver bracelets for women in all simplicity and elegance with its collection of silver bracelet knit bracelet colours of one, two or three rows enhanced by the colour tube.

Beautiful and fine round silver bracelet for women tailored to the exact size of your wrist on all collections of jewelry designer Sandrine Lemonne.

Bracelet in 925 silver for strong women adapted to the exact size of the wrist and made to measure, with designer jewellery made by the designer Sandrine Lemonne.

A wonderful collection of silver bracelets for women, young women, girls and children adapted to the exact size of the wrist, proposed by jewellery designer Sandrine Lemonne with her colour collections of silver bracelet bracelets single or multi row. An original and well thought-out idea with its two collections of silver jewellery and bracelets knit bracelet bracelet with or without shells.

Fine and delicate jewellery for women this silver bracelet for all occasions. The silver bracelet for women is back in fashion and is updated with the very pretty and delicate jewelry collection that the trendy jewelry designer of the moment offers us with her creations of jewelry and bracelets in silver colors for women, custom-made handmade jewelry and adapted to the exact size of her wrist. A collection of silver bracelets for women also declined in a version silver bracelet with shell for a more natural spirit, bohemian hippie chic which is very appreciated in trendy places both in Ibiza and in St Tropez, Cannes, Nice, la baule, and where we love this elegant simplicity proposed by this silver bracelet 925 rhodium plated with colors with or without shells, following the collections colors or Demoiselles.

 A new collection of silver bracelets for women, silver jewellery and many trendy bracelets from French jewellery designer Sandrine Lemonne.